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Electronic Access To Court Documents


All court documents filed in a case by the parties and all court orders issued by the Tribunal in a case are available for viewing by the public.

Clicking the link on this page will take you to the searchable court files.


The court files are listed by case number in descending order and any case can be found by scrolling through the list.  Clicking on “View All” for a case will provide the reader with a complete list of all documents that have been filed and all orders issued for the case.  The documents in the system are in a portable document format (PDF) and can be viewed and/or saved by the viewer to his or her own computer or mobile device.

The court files may also be searched by particular categories.  There is a “Search By” drop-down menu at the top of the Search Page.  Viewers are able to select one of the following categories and add a specific search term:

  • Case Name
  • Judge’s Name
  • Docket Number
  • Petitioner’s Attorney Name
  • Department of Revenue Attorney’s Name

Viewers may also select the “Text in Document” category and simply type in a single word to find the documents containing that word.  More precise Boolean searches to combine words and phrases may also be performed.  After a viewer clicks on the “Text in Document” category, a (Help)?  prompt will lead the viewer to an explanation of the Boolean search connectors that are available.

While a text search will pull up the documents containing the search term, the occurrences of the term will not be highlighted in a document.  That can be accomplished by using the find function in Adobe Reader which is located in the drop-down Edit menu or by right-clicking on a mouse while viewing the document in Adobe.